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Defenders of Wildlife is a leader in science-based, results-oriented wildlife conservation.

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Learn more about Defenders of Wildlife programs that utilize the Conservation Registry for tracking and mapping their on-the-ground projects.

Living Lands Project

Helping land trusts conserve biodiversity. Defenders’ Living Lands Project assists land trusts in making strategic decisions about:

  • Where to work to conserve high priority native species and habitats, and
  • How to use effective land stewardship, partnerships and major funding resources to restore and manage native habitats for long-term benefit.

A focus on wildlife conservation not only results in greater protection for wildlife and biodiversity but also greater opportunities for land trusts to build organizational capacity through collaborations, funding and commuity support.

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State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program

Defenders of Wildlife played a leading role in creating the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program. The purpose of the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program is to protect the full range of biodiversity in each state by preventing species from becoming endangered. Congress designates approximately $68 million in funding grants to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all 6 U.S. territories each year.

Today, every state and territory has completed comprehensive wildlife conservation plans (often referred to as State Wildlife Action Plans) to prioritize and coordinate conservation actions. Defenders is working with state wildlife agencies to implement these plans and keep them up to date with emerging conservation issues such as climate change.

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Wildlife Volunteer Corps

Wildlife Volunteer Corps Connects the Dots in Conservation

Defender’s Wildlife Volunteer Corps gives wildlife a helping hand by connecting people with fun volunteer opportunities. The volunteers work on unique projects to protect, monitor and recover endangered and imperiled wildlife and the habitats and ecosystems they need to survive.

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Marketplace for Nature

The Marketplace for Nature program is an effort to engage investors in financing multiple ecosystem services including biodiversity, endangered species, fish and wildlife habitat, carbon, water quality and quantity, wetlands and other ecological values. The Marketplace portal will highlight projects that exemplify the highest quality conservation and restoration activities.

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